Learn how to sing and play guitar!

Your Inner Vibe’s mission is to bring out your inner rock star through songs we all know and love. Learning to perform these classic songs on the guitar can be a good challenge both instrumentally and vocally. We take a structured approach that starts with songs that have a simple chord structure. On the guitar we’ll work on proper strum technique, hand position, right and left hand coordination, timing, and other technique that will help you grow in your guitar proficiency. At the same time we will work on vocal techniques including, tone, head voice, legato technique, and other elements that will help you voice sound great with the guitar. Once you’ve mastered the initial song, you progress to the next song which features additional chords, strumming patterns and vocal techniques. You will continue to learn guitar and singing progressively.

Music is an exciting journey where you can truly express yourself and share your inner music with the world.

Let’s find Your Inner Vibe!

Videos available by Your Inner Vibe include: