How to Tune a Guitar

Learn How to Tune A Guitar!  

Video Transcription:

Hey, everybody. This is Michelle Nipko for where we learn to play the guitar, sing, and just have a darn good time. Before we can do any of that, we need to learn how to tune a guitar. How do we do that? Well, guess what? There’s an app for that. Guitunes. So, let me show you how to use it. So, go ahead and go to your app store, open that up, and type in the search box “Guitunes”. G-U-I-T-U-N-E-S. Alright. There, you want to open it up. You can see it’s available there in the store. It’s actually $2.99. You also have the option for the lite version, which is a buck ninety-nine but there’s ads at the bottom. So I’d spring for the two extra dollars with no ads but it’s really up to you, what you’d like to do.

So, how does this guy work? Well, you can see it has all these different letters and those are the notes that correspond with the strings on your guitar. They are – and this is a nice pneumonic I like to use to remember the strings – Eat A Darn Good Breakfast Everyday, alright? So, eat, E, a, A, darn, D, good, G, breakfast, B, everyday, E. There you go. So, we go and start with what we call the…we call this the bottom string actually because it’s the lowest note, right? So that’s our low E. So go and choose that. If you press it on the app, you can hear what that note’s supposed to sound like. So go and play it, and the way this app works, if you’re playing it correctly, if it’s in tune, it’ll show green on green. So how’s that looking? Can you see? Green on green. Perfect.

So, if that wasn’t in tune, let’s go ahead and intentionally turn it down, right, so you know that’s below where it should be. You can see that there is red showing up and it’s below the green. So we know it’s out of tune. So let’s turn that back up. The way I do that is I pick and I move this incrementally until I see that there’s green on green. Perfect. Stop. Perfect. It’s in tune. Alright. So next I’m going to do the next string down, A. So I choose that. Let me go and play it. Go ahead and tune the remaining strings: D, darn, G, good, B, Breakfast and end on the top e string (everydayHow does that look? Perfect. Here. Nice. In tune. Now you’ve learned how to tune a guitar. Now, go, play guitar, sing, have a good time, and let’s find your inner vibe. Have a great day!