How to use a capo

Michelle walks you through how to use a capo. Enjoy!

Video Transcription

Hey everybody, this is Michelle Nipko with And today we will learn how to change the key of your song by simply using a Capo. Now, what is a capo? So, I have one in my hand here and it’s just something that you put on your guitar, you put on the fret that changes the key. It’s pretty awesome. You can get these at your local music store or have some for sale on my website, go ahead and click on the link that I am showing here and you can go and buy one. They’re usually about $15. videos are generally in the key of the song that you hear on the radio, so you can sing and play along which I highly encourage you to do. But let’s say the song is either too high or too low for your range? This is where this little magical capo comes in. Let’s use “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stone as an example, So, I did a video on this and if you’re interested in learning on how to sing and play Satisfaction, go ahead and click on the link that I am showing right now. When you watch the video and you’re going to hear in a second, the key is clearly way to low for me, so, let me go ahead and show you that. Remember, the chords for “Satisfaction” are E and A. I can’t get no, Satisfaction. That is way too low for me, yuck. So, That ‘s where I can use this capo. So that first thing that you need to do is figure out the starting note. What is the first note of the song? Usually with the songs that you are learning in YourInnerVibe there are songs that you hear in the radio every day that you belt into shower, so you know them very well. So, you don’t have to know the exact note, we don’t have to look at the sheet music because we know these songs, but if we’re going to change the key, we need to figure out what our starting note is. Once we know that note and when it changes, our brain can figure out the other notes from there.

So, For this song, the starting note is G, which is the 4th fret on the first string. I can’t get no(singing, playing…) right? So, Let’s go ahead and use your capo and we are going to move this song up. Let’s move it up a half step. What else is awesome about capo is you don’t need to change your fingering for the chords. I am still going to play E and A which is fantastic, right? There is no additional learning on the guitar side. My new note is for fret set from the capo now (counting 1 2 3 4) I can’t get no (singing, playing). You know, That’s still too low for me. It started at very very low and it’s still too low. So, what I would do is to keep on testing every fret until I get to the place that I am comfortable with. So, what I’ve figured out the best place for this song for me is on the 4th fret.

My starting note is 1-2-3-4 (counting) I (singing while playing). Here we go. I can’t get no (singing while playing) way better, right? (continue singing). Nice. So, what’s great about the capo is you can hear that this is within my range. Those high notes are still not too high for me, If they were, then I would have to go ahead and move it down half a step, right? Keep moving till you find the perfect range for your voice. What it does is it takes a strain off of your voice from singing too low or too high and it also just sounds so much better. Your listeners are going to really appreciate it and you know I think they like a little different sound from what the original is, it really makes it yours.

I highly encourage you to go to my site, go to your music store and go by one of these little guys (capo) because they’re awesome. This is Michelle Nipko with and have a fabulous day! I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson on how to use a capo.

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